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+) How do I associate with Mitra Softwares?

+) How much time-consuming it is to complete a website?

+) What are your payment steps?

+) What do your websites cost?

+) How many developers can I hire for my project?

+) What tools and techniques do you use for Mobile App development?

+) I have an app idea. Is it safe to share it with a development team?

+) Which platform between iOS and Android is better for my app or, do I need implementing the app to both?

+) Will my app stop working on the newly released OS version of a mobile platform?

+) I am not mobile-tech-savvy but, I need an app. How will you help me in this case?

+) Who would take care of app submission on app store. Would I need to do own my or you will do that?

+) How do you take care of data security of my app?

+) What standard development process is followed by your company?

+) Why do I need SEO?

+) Why should I use a Web design Company?

+) Does my website need to be a mobile friendly?

+) Will Social Media work for my business?